Di. Apr 23rd, 2024

HELL YEAH! I'm on the "CosplayZine Gaming Special" Cover for Oktober - November. Take a look in the Magazine!

Covergirl at Cosplayzine
Eden Craft in the Cosplayzine


Hard work and passion - cornerstones for cosplayer

At Gamescom 2016 I was one member of the big Blizzard cosplay competition. I decide to craft a Draenei costume from World of Warcraft. This cosplay was one of the most difficult costumes I've ever did.

  • I just found only one Artwork. There where no references from Blizzard or screenshots from World of Warcraft, because its not a farmable armor.
  • Next problem was, this armor has no visible strapes so I have to think about a method how to wear and fix it to my body. I found a really good method and I used it a lot of times since than for other cosplays.
  • Making a full and my first body paint was the next step...In the end I needed 3 hours of painting, shaping and highlighting. But before I had two tests on my face and it was failing as hard as it could. I used a waterbased fluid bodypaint and this are a little bit tricky.
  • Prosthetics! I got "new teeth" by a talented dentist, I crafted horns, hooves and a tail...

All in all I didnt felt like a human anymore and it was a great experience! But I swear, I will never wear this hooves again. After 10 hours I had the most painfull aching ever. Next time I will change the hooves, so I can walk all the day withoud pain.
In 2019 I will craft the next Draenei. But this time with an electric moving tail! Stay tuned!

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