Di. Mai 28th, 2024


Also a half time working fairy

I'm not just a Cosplayer. A lot of people know me because I'm also a fantasy designer and a fairy walking act. Mostly they love my fairy and pixie designs, but I do also fauns, medieval stuff, elves and vikings(yeah thats not fantasy but i will put it in this genre)
We have our own larp fantasy camp called "Fantasy lager" where you can order our camp with some of our actors. We offer firedancer, bellydance and a lot of other acts. And everything you can see is selfmade. A lot of passionated costumes, accessoires and props.

You can also buy a lot of different Wings, Crowns, Accessoires, Witch stuff, Fairy stuff, Mermaid stuff and Decoration for you on my Store Feenladen

Own fairy shop

Because the people love my fairy work so much, I build an own shop where everyone can buy my fantasy designs. First I will upload all the pixie and fairy goods but in the next weeks more and more mermaid and medievil proucts will appear.
I have more than 100 different pairs of wings, 4 sizes and you can choose your favourit colors. Here some examples:

Not everything is just glitter!

😀 Sry but I have to mention! Yes I had a lot of fairy glitter shootings but also normal and real looking Elven stuff so stay tuned! We need a little bit time for the edit.

Medievil and Elves

coming soon....