Mi. Mai 25th, 2022


Free possibilities


Recommend me as a cosplayer for a convention near you, so we can get to know each other and other people can discover me too. Just email them, that helps me a lot!

Be Social

Write a comment, follow me on social media and tell me what you think. To see other perspectives helps me to develop myself.

Non free possibilities

I put my goals below so that you will understand for what I will use the non free possibilities.


Buy Prints, Merch or send me Donation

You can support me with buying stuff at my store or doing a donation at paypal.me/edencraft


Buy me a virtual Kofie

If you want to support me a single time with money you could buy me a virtual kofie


Buy Prints, Merch or let me do a commisions

Buying prints, merch or commisions for you won't make me rich but it helps me a lot to reach my goals too. And I thank you all very much for all your support!

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Goal Overview

Some of my goals are only reachable with money. So helping me with the non-free possibilities help me to reach them easier.

open goals

  • better airbrush-system
  • Material for new Cosplays

reached goals

  • Booth Roll-up Banner
  • Booth background