Comic Con Dortmund review

Tyrande - World of Warcraft

It was a really awesome weekend. So many people come to visit my booth, see a lot of new things, VIP's and having fun.
I'm so happy😍 I met so awesome people at @German Comic Con Dortmund! The talented @jooskellington blows my mind😱💕 look at his awesome costumes. Isn't it amazing? The lovely @calssara is beautiful, kind and intelligent. It was such a pleasure to met her😊
And @nikitacosplay s charme and charisma are totally real♡ I missed to take a photo with Darth_Bronka. A rly talented guy <3 Thank you all so much for the nice time and little talks♡

AND also a big thanks to my awesome friends(who helps me with my booth), Chris the stylish caretaker and Sven the head of everything :D!♡