Di. Mai 28th, 2024

I was invited as cosplayguest and judge at "Comic Con Spring Edition" in Dortmund. This time there was a new "room layout". Cosplay wasn't a secret area anymore. We where close to the stage and so many people come to visit my booth, see a lot of new things like work in progress stuff, having fun and we talk about our all passion: cosplay.
I decide to wear Tyrande Whisperwind from World of Warcraft at saturday and (because someone asked for it) a fairy on sunday. Tyrande was a dreamcosplay of mine and I was really happy that I did her. But for the shooting I will add some pieces and color.
Also a big thanks for all who supported me with kind words and buying prints. I'm so glad that you like them!

The contest was amazing and a lot of members with awesome cosplays whre on stage with some really cool performances!

It was a really awesome weekend. I'm so happy I met so awesome other talented people at German Comic Con Dortmund!

  • The amazing @jooskellington blows my mind. He crafted Ursula from Ariel and was completly in cosplay. Isn't he amazing?
  • The lovely @calssara is beautiful, kind and intelligent. It was such a pleasure to met her. She crafted a lot of cosplays in her lives and wins a lot of competitions.
  • And @nikitacosplay's charme and charisma are totally real♡
  • I missed to take a photo with Darth_Bronka. A rly cool guy.

Thank you all so much for the nice time and little talks♡

AND also a big thanks to my awesome friends(who helps me with my booth), Chris the stylish caretaker and Sven the head of everything.

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