Zodiac sign: Chameleon

Zodiac sign Chameleon


"I'm a cosplayer"- that means so much more than "I'm doing costumes". Because I will act like the character. its more than wearing a costume like on halloween.
When I design a costume by my own or crafting a costume on a template I have to research the character. Because when I wear the dress/costume/armor I maybe do special movements and that means I need the right material for this. And then I can play my character. Its nothing out of space. We all do it all day. We all have rolls: parents/kid/at work/friendship... this is a typical and totally normal thing in our society. In cosplay its more showy and we decide what we want to play. I love beeing a bad ass girl with a gun and when you see me you maybe think its real, but next time you see me as a shy and elegant fairy. Thats real, both sides. Because its just a game I love. And that makes my cosplay perfect. One girl, thousand shades-thousand shades of me.