Do. Sep 29th, 2022

My Cosplay Beginner Story

While a boring lesson in university I was talking to another student. She is a cosplayer and as I ask her if I could do a cosplay too. She sayed of caurse but not a big dress like you have in mind right now. You have to start small! I was very sad about that but even challenged!

I wanted to do a cosplay costume I realy realy have passion for. It was from the game grenado espada. So I get a old sewing machine from my mum and I just started teaching myself how to sew.

Tons of fabric later, books and youtube videos later I finished my costume and I even took part of a big costume contest.

I made a show complity in sign language what was obvious because I studied that.

My cosplay wish from Granado Espada


granado espada artwork

My finished cosplay costume

granado espada cosplay
eden craft dcm


after many cosplays, fabric, material, make-up, wigs, workshops & friends


I'm able to say I love cosplay, I love the doing, I love to wear a costume, to be in the charakter or just taking pictures in them. Making people smile or see the glowing eyes from children when they see me wearing their favorite character or acting with them is so incredible much fun.

That I can't think there is something better I could do in my life.

Currently I even have a small fan community which spend me a lot of love with nice comments or buying some prints or drawings I made of their favorite charakters. All of my stuff cost not much and I don't want to become rich with it but every cent helps me to brings my dreams and the dreams of other people come true.

How great is it? If ...

... a real life superwoman wants to battle with you,
... a elf standing in front of you with huge wings,
... queen amidala giving you a high five,
... or moxxi from broderlands will call you sugar?

This is insane and i love it!